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First steps towards VoDS

In the meantime I have written a PC-side server as well as a client. I'm currently working on the DS-client which should connect to the Server running on the PC though I only receive screwed packages containing totally other information than was send.

Furthermore I'm looking at the Speex-Codec to implement that.

Additionally I also write a Masterserver which lists all VoDS-Server so you are able to connect to whereever you want without the need to know the server's IP which enables you to easily find your favourite Server over and over again by simply entering the server's name.

The Masterserver will then lookup if this server is online and if so it will give you the IP to connect to it. So no fancy numeric adresses have to be reminded. 

First off I will complete these three stages before approaching the library. After I release the library I'll start to look at the Teamspeak-Protocoll to implement the possibility to connect TS-servers as well.

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jerbob92 / Website (5.8.07 19:52)
Fuck you and get a life!

K-Duke (5.8.07 20:15)
Thanks jerbob92... this is the first flame I receive on my blocg ^^.
I wish you good luck and please stay healthy!

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